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LAND makes it easy for you to get where you want to go. Create or customize your routes according to the way you explore or perhaps you prefer to follow an already created route, let yourself be guided by LAND and you will always have something to discover. Analyze every detail of your itinerary and start your adventure now. Reach success.

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The best preparation will determine the success of your activities

"In my training I use LAND to evaluate my performance. When I go out for leisure, I use it to discover places"

Pol Tarrés (@pol.tarres), Ambassador TwoNav

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"As a mountain and bike instructor, LAND is an essential tool for me to prepare the tracks of my clients"

Gilles Ducol (@gilloud73), Ambassador TwoNav

"LAND is key to planning accurately. Its topographic maps allow me to discover unexplored areas"

Rafa Ruiz (@r_ruizv_mountain), TwoNav user

"As a mountaineer, LAND offers me the chance to find the best possible plan, assess the alternatives and locate the most critical points on my routes"

Ferran Latorre (@ferranlatorre), Ambassador TwoNav

"Of the different software that I have tried (BaseCamp, TrackMaker, OziExplorer...), LAND is the most stable and intuitive. In addition, its accuracy is very acceptable"

Federación Española Deportes Montaña y Escalada (@fedme_insta),

"We chose the LAND partner because it is today the most successful for the quick and easy creation and modification of road and mountain bike routes"

Fédération Française de CycloTourisme (@ffvelo_officiel),

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Melcior Mauri, TwoNav ambassador, easily explains it step by step

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Create your first route in LAND

Here are 6 videos of less than 1 minute so you can easily get acquainted with creating and editing tracks.

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Download free routes and maps

LAND offers you the possibility of downloading tracks and maps from all over the world for free from the same software.

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Get the most out of your maps

We teach you 4 tricks that will be of great help to you while planning your next adventure. Become an expert.

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Draw your tracks in less than 1 minute

Discover a new way to create your routes, do it freehand. Instead of creating your itinerary point by point, draw the track as if you were doing it on paper. Very easy!

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Include alternative routes in your routes

We are sure that while you prepare your itineraries through the mountains, on more than one occasion the eternal dilemma has arisen: should I prepare a long route, or would it be better to shorten it a bit?

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Analyze your routes

Knowing the altitudes, distances and efforts you will face will help you complete your adventure successfully.

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Land 9.81

For Windows and Mac OS

Land 9.8.1 Windows

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (or higher)

This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1.

LAND at TwoNav Ecosystem

Discover how Land connects with the TwoNav Ecosystem and enjoy a complete and safe outdoor experience

Track storage and analysis

Online Route Partners

(IGN Rando, FFCT…)

Map shop

(Catalogue from all around the world)

TwoNav GPS

(Cross, Aventura 2, Trail 2…)

Connect to other devices

(Garmin, Suunto, Polar…)

TwoNav App

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Thinking of your next routing?

We provide you with the most detailed map for the area you are going to visit

30,000 maps from around the world

Wide catalog of topographic maps, roads, orthophotos, aeronautics, reliefs... Choose from the wide variety of maps of Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco and many more countries from the main publishers: IGN, Alpina, Piolet, SUA, TomTom... Maps from 0,25 €

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